The overall objective of the project is to further support peace and confidence building between youth in Kosovo in the light of the ongoing Belgrade-Pristina talks and potential solutions, through identifying common life perspectives through youth debates and participation outreaching to all five Kosovo regions and targeting Serbian, Albanian and other communities.

There is a great deal of interest in youth perspectives in the light of ongoing Belgrade-Pristina talks and will address the local most pressing challenges that all communities are facing currently and related to further confidence building and peace building.

In addition, this project aims to empower and fully mobilize youth to address and identity common perspectives through open debates and to propose potential solutions for better common life and perspectives. On the other side the “Common life and perspectives of youth in 60 minutes” project will be recorder through serial of documentary films that will serve as testimony but also will produce comparable perspectives and different view related to peace and confidence building and future of the youth in Kosovo.

The project will tackle critical youth challenges. In practical terms, this means:

  1. Stimulating open debates about common life in Kosovo through serial of 10 open debates in the 5 regions in Kosovo
  2. Providing immediate benefits through serial of the six (6) ten (10) minutes documentary films to targeted, compare and promote common perspectives for youth in Kosovo which will be offered to open broadcast to Kosovo central and local Media.

FDMC and OMINIA have made a commitment to the promotion of the rights of youth through this kind of activities and to support organization such as UNMIK and other international stakeholders in their efforts to further contribute to peace and confidence building.