Civic initiative center in Gracanica-“Civic Energy Center-CEC”

Civic Energy Center-CEC Gracanica project will further promote civic initiatives and engagement, community social cohesion and representatives, raising awareness about dialog process transformation, and will serve as every day one stop-shop service center where all citizens will have right to use it for different planned activities and further contribute for more open civil society developments and feasible change within Central Kosovo. On the other side Gracanica “Civic Energy Center-CEC” will support open debate and will have an important role as catalyst for the community’s interaction while building further capacities of the society in many ways. The “Civic Energy Center-CEC” has been established on 15th of May 2019. Up to date CEC served as multiethnic center and matching point for all community’s exchange and further building relation based on mutual respect of the open society principles and will provide fora for open debate on the currently important topics for minority communities.
However, Civic Energy Center-CEC Gracanica organized more then 180 events with more than 2,800 visitors that used this unique and favorable space and environment for developing and promotion, popularization, and protection of the principles of open civil society including wide partnerships, open civic engagement, promotion and protection of rights and freedom, including freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and belief, protection of rights to freedom of opinion and expression and protection of equality. Project is funded by Kosovo Foundation for Open Society /KFOS.

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