Overall Objective

  1. The overall objective of the project ’’Pristina-Belgrade dialog debate, the path towards normality and how we get there?’’, aims to support and further promote dialogue within the central Kosovo minority communities on normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina by organizing high level debate in Gracanica and encouraging an open discussion including eminent Pristina and Belgrade analysts and political representatives as panel speakers.

The specific objectives of the project will:

  1. Aim to raise public awareness about current Pristina-Belgrade dialog.
  2. Promote and present different views about current dialog process.
  3. Increase public knowledge about current pace and potential consequences of the dialog process.
  4. Serve as good platform for further promotion of the dialog on another level using more open way of communication to the central Kosovo minority community audience situated south of Ibar.
  5. Produce short 3-5 minutes documentary film about debate.