Gracanica Bridge Rewiring

Proposed project “Gracanica Bridge rewiring” will promote further social cohesion, civic initiatives and engagement, open dialog process transformation, and will contribute to sustainable open debate on the currently important topics for the minority communities in Central Kosovo/south of Ibar. The overall project will further trigger Civic Initiative potential using Gracanica “Civic Energy Center-CEC” premises managed by FDMC, opened on the 15th of May 2019 and will promote further civic engagement, community social cohesion and representatives, raising awareness about dialog process transformation. The project overall design recognized that most current difficulties in social dialog between communities, transparency, communication faced by the minority communities predominantly in Serb majority municipalities situated south of Ibar and could be overcome by introducing transparent dialog and open and honest communication principles in every day efforts. Project is funded by Kosovo Foundation for Open Society/KFOS.

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