Reducing social distance between People of Concern by utilizing digital inclusion

On the 9th of April, UNHCR’s partner organization, Forum for Development and Multiethnic Collaboration-FDMC undertook specific intervention in order to support digital inclusion of the vulnerable, in this case IDPs from Strpce, Gracanica and Zvecan Collective Centers. Given the speed of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is important to utilize different communication channels available to efficiently communicate with the Persons of Concern, ensuring that the one with the special needs and with no access to digital channels are not left behind. Using this way of communication, taking care of gender, geographical balance and topics, FDMC has introduced this method and organized  On-line Zoom platform Focus Group with IDPs beneficiaries from the three target locations in Strpce, Gracanica and Zvecan. The beneficiaries expressed the desire to use this platform  for more effective south-north Kosovo communication and to exchange creative ideas in order to remain at home. 

With this approach FDMC strives at reducing further social distance and encouraging digital communication between the beneficiaries while enhancing exchange of views, information and concerns that will be further facilitated to relevant local and central institutions. 

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