Disease prevention and self-preservation of health

Keeping in mind the mostly elderly population of people residing in the Collective Shelters, health care is a very important and everlasting topic.

Within the project implemented by the Forum for Development and Multiethnic Collaboration/FDMC, as a partner organization of UNHCR, on March 29, a social activity on the topic of “Disease prevention and self-preservation of health” was organized in Leposavic/Leposaviq with the beneficiaries of Collective Shelters.

The aim of this activity was to highlight to PoCs the importance of early detection of disease symptoms and ways of responding. In addition to the presentation prepared by a doctor from the Leposavic Health Center, participants had the opportunity to consult and receive answers to questions related to prevention and early detection of disease.

Considering the frequent occurrence of diabetes and problems related to that disease, the association of diabetics “Slatko Srce” from Gracanica indicated ways of self-control of blood sugar levels, and the most common symptoms related to diabetes. During this activity, the Association “Slatko srce” donated devices for measuring blood sugar levels to five Collective Shelters in Leposavic.  Also, during this activity, a demonstrative exercise of measuring blood sugar levels, as well as checking basic vital signs, was carried out. 

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