The work of institutions in the fight against gender-based violence

The Forum for Development and Multiethnic Collaboration/FDMC, UNHCR partner, organized debate “The work of institutions in the fight against gender-based violence” in Zubin Potok Municipality.The aim of the debate was to present to the displaced persons accommodated in the Collective Shelters the working mechanisms against gender-based violence, as well as to inform about the processes, how and who they can approach in case of this type of act. The participants were women from the Collective Shelters, representatives of the Zubin Potok Municipality, Safe House in Zubin Potok, Police, UNHCR, UNICEF, Ombudsman and local NGO.

This event also aimed to encourage women in the decision-making processes at all levels. The meeting participants agreed to take proactive measures to protect displaced persons, particularly those displaced in the Collective Shelters, who continue to be exposed to various challenges. The expressed readiness of the relevant actors and its commitment to end gender-based violence, and its focus on offering durable solutions is encouraging approach.

After the debate, meeting participants visited a Safe House in Zubin Potok, available to host victims of gender-based and domestic violence.UNHCR Kosovo

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